Since 2007, EP is disrupting the home diagnosis market, through its home-owner centric platform delivering smart Home management services.

Home is often seen as the most important thing after family.

When we are looking to improve our home, we are often alone facing multiple challenges such as, the choice of builders or artisans, understanding the pricing fairness and evaluating the project complexity and duration. Without expert knowledge, experience or network, we are often lost.


EP solve this challenge in the blink of an eye : enter your postal address, then immediately you get a full, online and free diagnosis of your habitat. But you will also get, for free:

· High-value added information about your home and its neighborhood. No more complicated reports!
· Personalized advices on renovation, energy savings or any home-related project. What to do and how to finance it becomes crystal clear!
· Contacts from highly qualified and fair-priced professionals located in your neighborhood. How to make it happen and with whom now becomes simple, clear and not time consuming!


Headquartered in France, and supported by a network of 12,000 professionals, EP has already made over 50,000 home renovation projects. EP has reached the 10M€ revenue milestone in 2014 and is ready to accelerate, both in France and internationally.

EP is led by PYM, acronym of the three EP’s co-founder’s
– Pierre Leroy (Marketing & Business Development)
– Yann Person (Design & innovation)
– Marc-Antoine Catherine (HR & Finance)

PYM has been elected in 2015 the top 100 “Leaders who will change France” (source : Le Figaro ).


EP also built a remarkable ecosystem around several strategic partnerships.

In 2013, Le Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) and l’Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers (ICAM) were the first partners. They seat in R&D committee established by EP.

In November 2014, MGEN and EP created an industrial and financial partnership, the first of its kind. The first French mutualist group invests 1,6 million euros in EP’s capital.

MGEN and EP share common values. They are both invested for positive mission: , safety/protection, especially on the subject of « good living » where Home takes an essential part. With an exclusive access to 3,7 million members both parties will benefit from this partnership.

In 2015, EP and IGN, the largest map maker in France, agrees on a long term partnership, a central piece of the new EP strategy.